How to Start a Home Based Travel Agency – Study Guide – 2018 Edition


Completely updated and rewritten as an independent study course, this issue of “How to Start a Home Based Travel Agency” is the best ever. With tons of new information and professionally edited, this publication is a must have. This book will answer all of your questions and map out your future in the travel industry.



How to Start a Home Based Travel Agency was the very first book written about the exploding business opportunity that has evolved in the travel industry over the past decade. First written in 1994, the book was considered on the fringe of the industry. Today, the book is distributed by the most professional and astute travel organizations in existence and is considered the bible for home-based travel agents.

This printing brings the book to a whole new level. It has been rewritten, professionally edited and an accompanying workbook and test is forthcoming, making the book the most up-to-date, concise and professional information on the subject.

It is written for only one purpose; to help you start your home-based travel business with a minimum of outlay and maximum return for your investment of time and money. Nothing is left to the imagination as every detail of the start-up process is disclosed in great detail.

You will discover:

  Home-Based Travel Marketing Techniques
  The 15 Areas of Great Opportunity for Home-Based Travel Agents
  How to Create Your Business and Marketing Plan
  How to Start, Maintain and Operate Your Profitable Agency
  How to Protect Yourself From Legal Liabilities
  The Perks of Being a Home-Based Travel Agent
  How to Find the Perfect Host Agency for You
  How to Set Up Your Supplier, Client and Accounting Files
  How to Make Sure You Have Complied with Licensing Laws
  and Much, Much, Much More!

How to Start a Home Based Travel Agency” is the original book on becoming a home-based travel agent and this printing is the most current, complete and up-to-date book available on the subject.

If you want to maximize your learning efforts, make sure to purchase the How to Start a Home Based Travel Agency – Workbook as well.

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Tom, Andy and Joanie Ogg have over 90 years combined travel industry experience and their in-depth understanding of the home based travel agency opportunity combined with their enthusiastic entrepreneurial spirit make this book invaluable if you have ever contemplated opening your own home-based travel business.  Tom and Joanie have been training travel agents for over a decade on this exciting and rewarding business boom that has transformed the travel industry forever.

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