How to Create Your Agency Tagline

Taglines are an excellent way to state your unique value proposition every time someone sees your logo. While your logo should clearly display your niche in a way that removes all doubt as to what business you are in, your tagline takes that identification to a higher level.

1. The Ultimate Driving Machine
2. Don’t Leave Home Without It.
3. Are You in Good Hands?
4. We Try Harder
5. The Fun Ships
6. Good to the Last Drop
7. It Takes a Licking, but Keeps on Ticking
8. Let Your Fingers Do the Walking
9. Fly the Friendly Skies
10. It’s FUN and It’s FREE (count two points if you get this one right)

You can see the value in having a solid and well thought out tagline by the fact that you can recognize companies by their taglines alone. Before we get into how to find the right tagline for you, read the article How to Construct a Killer 30-Second Elevator Speech. This will help you drill down to your most important UVPs and you can easily start the process from there. Here is how to go about it.

1. Research your competition: Let’s say that you specialize in selling European river cruises. You can easily Google others that do and identify others that also are in that particular niche. Some will be formidable and others may not, but it is important to find your competition.

2. Analyze Your Competition: Take a look at each competitor and see if you can identify their USP. Are they offering discounts? Are they knowledgeable? Focused on one particular company? Do they sell other cruises? What is there precise USP? Do any of your competitors have professionally designed logs that shout their USP? Are any of them using logo taglines? Jot down every tagline when you find one.

3. What makes you Different from Your Competition: Now is the time to really establish your USP and UVP. Why would someone buy their river cruise from you rather than one of your competitors? What is unique about you and your business that no one else can offer? What common traits have your clients that have purchased river cruises from you had in common? Is your uniqueness based on geographical location, demographics, psychographics, knowledge, experience or some other benefit that can be defined and expressed in words? You should be able to define your USP in a single sentence, as well as your UVP. The more you refine your USP, the easier it will become to come up with your tagline.

4. Now, Come Up With Your Potential Taglines: Let’s say that I am the undisputed authority on European river cruise in San Diego County, California and that is my major USP. “San Diego’s River Cruise Expert” might be a potential tagline, especially if all of my clients reside in San Diego. You can see the process. Try to come up with 3 to 5 possible taglines based on the various unique selling propositions that you have over your competitors.

5. Try Them Out with Your Logo: Today, you can use social media in so many ways to test ideas and images. Try running a contest on your Facebook page to get friends and fans to vote on which logo and tagline best describes your USP. This alone will spark interest in your business. Once you have developed a consensus of which one is the most likely to succeed, start using it in all of your promotional material. Use your tagline by itself and with your logo. And remember, It’s FUN and It’s FREE!

Here are the Answers to the Taglines Above

1. BMW


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