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Project Motivation Made Easy

By: Joanie Ogg, CTC, MCC

Do you ever have trouble motivating yourself to get started with a project? Whether it’s implementing a marketing strategy for your business, writing the first words for an article, or changing your eating habits, taking that critical first step is key. I cannot tell you how many times Tom and I have discussed and given a time-line for a home improvement or repair project without ever getting started.

There are a million and one excuses to offer as to why a project never gets off the ground but until you take that first step that requires some kind of activity (physical) it will stay on that to-do list for what seems like eternity.

Since I have personally been struggling with time and project management of late, I figured I would do some research and gather some tips or rule to live by. Here are some I found to be right on target, now if I can just get started!

So how do you get past your procrastination and get started? Following these four steps can help.

  1. Why?

What is your reason for taking on this new task or setting this new goal? Is it reason enough to even get started? If you are not motivated to “get cracking”, it might be you do not believe in the inherent value in the first place. You might be wasting precious time thinking about doing something you really do not want to do.

  1. What will it look like?

Focus your thoughts on where you see it taking you? If your project is to take online training for river-cruise products, what is the end result? Will you do this to create your new niche or are you just taking classes that will not really take you to the end goal, Painting a visual picture that is clearly focused may help you see it to reality.

  1. How do you think it will feel?

You need to be passionate about the project or goal. Well, we know that travel professionals are passionate about their business, so this part should be easy. Your drive will be fueled by your enthusiasm and passion.

  1. Jump in.

Talk about timing! I woke this morning and looked at my project list and wanted to crawl back in bed and cover my head with the blankets. The list is so long, and each project needs time and attention. Some of these projects are not the most exciting and I seem to put them off and begin another. I realize I need to step back and take baby steps to get myself started. I now know I need to map out a reasonable, realistic plan and focus in on ONE thing at a time.

So there we have it. Now, I just have to practice what I have shared here in my work and personal life. Hmmm, why do I want to work on my next presentation for agents attending Cruise World in a couple weeks more then stripping that wallpaper off the spare bedroom walls? Guess which project I am working on? I hope this helps some of you as well.