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Travel Agent Website Guide: Creating a Keyword Niche Website for your Travel Agency – Part 8

Where Can I Get a Keyword Niche Travel Agency Website?

If you are considering operating a niche keyword website focused on your specialty, there is an entire world of opportunity on the web. A keyword niche website is used to target a very specific audience and is dependent on keyword searches for organic traffic. The content of the site is consistent with the overall keyword topic of the site and fulfills a demand for expert information on a very narrow area of travel. 

As we discussed when talking SEO, let’s say that you specialize on sending tuna fishermen to Puerto Vallarta’s prolific cow tune banks. Your website would be dedicated to this very narrow subject. Each page of the website would offer expert advice to fishermen looking for detailed information on when the fishing is good, where to fish and when, what tackle to bring, all of the options for boats to fish from and on and on. 

Each page would be optimized for a certain long-tail keyword search string. As an example, one page of the website might be detailed information about tuna fishing Tres Marias, an island chain 100 miles offshore from Puerto Vallarta. The long tail keyword string for the page might be “cow tuna fishing Tres Marias, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico”.

When the page is optimized for on page SEO, it stands a great chance of gaining the #1 slot in a keyword search using those keywords. When each page of the niche keyword website is optimized for unique long tail keywords, the overall effect is that the search engine will see that the content is all related and will give the site a high SERP for the keywords. Of course, it isn’t as easy as that, but in theory this is how a keyword niche website works and why you would want one for each niche that you market. Yes, you should have separate websites for each niche, as once you broaden the content to include non-related topics, you lose the benefit of keywords.

Understand that operating a keyword niche website requires some level of SEO knowledge and that you will also have a learning curve to get one to work, but the rewards can be amazing for your business. I personally operated the CruiseReviews.com complex of websites and by just using long tail keywords and SEO was able to build its organic traffic to over 60,000 page views per day.. 

While there are hundreds of places that one can get a keyword niche website, here is a very specific suggestion. The winning combination for first time keyword niche website entrepreneurs is using WordPress and Yoast SEO. Both are easy to use and Yoast SEO will make it simple for non-SEO experts to handle on-page SEO like a professional. 

You will need to rent server space to host your website and finding one that works seamlessly with WordPress will make your job so much easier. Two hosts that are recognized as among the best for WordPress are HostGator.com and BlueHost.com. They both offer quick loading speeds, We use HostGator and while our sites are built on WordPress, we have several customized plugins and I have to say that HostGator’s customer support is among the best. 

There are thousands of different solutions, but for building and operating a keyword niche website these are the right tools. All of the various sites that we have explored offer some sort of SEO support but the reason that WordPress is used on over 35% of the world’s websites is because search engines love it.