Travel Agent Website Guide for Buying the Right Travel Agency Website Domain Name

Travel Agent Website Guide: Buying the Right Travel Agency Website Domain Name – Part 2

Buying the Right Travel Agency Website Domain Name

Today, when you are thinking about building a website, the most important thing to consider is the domain name that you are going to use. One of the most important considerations is the type of website that you are going to develop and how people are going to find it. 

Travel agents may be developing a local site to serve their client base and their referrals in which case using the agency name as a url makes total sense. For a niche keyword site that might be dependent on search engines for traffic a niche keyword url would be the most advantageous. A community site either on a local, regional or national scale again, a keyword url might be the most advantageous. In each case the domain name must perfectly define the website’s value proposition, be easy to remember and be easily found by the search engines.

Defining the purpose of your site is critical to getting the right domain name. Understanding how you are going to market the site is also quite important. As an example, let’s say that you want to build a site to market cruises in the San Diego County area using Google AdWords to market in the 920 and 921 zip codes only. or might be excellent choices for your domain name. 

For the most part, the best domain names may already be taken and may be actively for sale, or possibly the owner is open to an offer. Each domain name is a unique, one-of-a-kind name and may be well worth thousands of dollars in potential organic traffic.

Travel Agency Website Branding and Overall Image

Here are considerations for selecting the right domain name for your site.

Start With Keywords

Once you have defined the specific objective of your site, use Google’s Keyword Tool to identify the most attractive keywords that you might use in a domain name. As an example, I used the above domain names and found that there were an average of 33,100 local monthly searches using the keywords “San Diego Cruises” and 40,500 local searches for “San Diego Vacation”. Finding this out, I might change my url to to cash in on over 70,000 local searches where I might be able to gain a high local ranking in the search engines and my AdWords campaign will be highly focused.

.com is King for Travel Agent Websites

In every instance, you should only use a .com extension for your domain name. The only time you would use a different extension is if you couldn’t care less about command line traffic, branding or you have such a unique concept that people will find you no matter what. is an excellent example of that.

Make it Memorable

Your domain name should be easy to remember. Let’s say that you are putting a website up to sell travel insurance as an adjunct to your travel site. To capture the interest of search engines the url “” would be an ideal domain name in all respects. If you specialize in selling Disney Cruises then a url such as “” would be an excellent choice. While Disney has stringent control over their registered brands, this skirts the issue, is very memorable and entertaining.

Keep It Short and To the Point

Your domain name should be no more than three words, with two words even better. It should shout the very essence of your value proposition. Avoid words that do not add to your keyword search or memorable characteristics such as The, My, Your and such. Also, be sure that your domain name is easy to keyboard. Avoid hyphenated keyword urls and always opt for the keyword domain names that are connected without hyphens.

Make Sure it Defines Your Business really doesn’t tell anyone anything other than Tom is a travel agent. tells you everything about what will reside at the website. Also, avoid abbreviations.,, are all not going to work because is the default url that folks will enter to find you if that is your url. When folks find your website, make sure that it is highly relevant to your url. If‘s landing page is for discount airfares, then there is a complete disconnect between the visitor’s expectations and the actual content that resides upon the site. 

Be Sure That Your Email Addresses Sell pretty much says it all. Your domain name opens up a huge opportunity for you to market several niches that you might serve. pretty much says it all. Use Email addresses to both market your site and motivate people to take action.

Buying Your Domain Name

Unfortunately, just about all of the two and three word domain names are already taken. However, there are millions of domain names being held by speculators that are for sale. And, getting the perfect domain name is quite worth the investment. Visit to gain a perspective of how the market works for quality domain names.

To Register or Purchase

It is very difficult to simply register a quality domain name at this point and the ones that you may register may simply be too long to be effective. While long-tail keyword domain names are excellent for keyword driven landing pages, they do not have the qualities that make your site seem important. 

Travel Agency Website Domain Guide


OK, now that we have explored the various kinds of websites and how to select your domain name let’s take a look at the functions your website should offer visitors. Each element has pluses and minuses from a visitor experience perspective, so a good amount of time should be spent understanding the elements you will use and how they will add to your objective for having your website.